Wolf T-Shirt & Birthday Invitation

T-shirt and Invitation for Caden's 5th birthday.

My Son is into monsters this year and had some great feed back on his invitations and present. Initially he wanted a skeleton asking people to come to his party, that soon changed to a pirate with a skeleton crew and a werewolf with chainsaw hands. After several nights of sketching he finally approved one, but was upset that the skeleton with the chainsaw hands wasn’t put in the invitation. What he and I decided to do was create a t-shirt instead and 2 comps later we had our final.
The main illustration in the invitation was based off of a piece by Von Glitchka. It was a far reach from my typical work and taught myself a lot especially with gradients.
I have another Son who has a birthday that falls in February, and he has requested a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle theme. I am psyched to start the next one!
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