I got to see the best movie of all time a few weeks ago and made a poster. The main character John Wick (Keanu Reeves) loses everything and makes a mob type boss pay. This movie had so many cool points I wish I could had put everything into the poster, but wanted to keep the focus on John Wick. The hotel could be a whole other movie if they wanted to do a sequel.
I hope you enjoy what I did! As always I thank my buddies Salvador and Paul for the guidance. 
Black, Red, and Grey concept.
Close-up of John Wick Face
John Wick and Perkins close-up
Perkins close-up
Gun and car close-up
Color Variant 1 - Bath House
Color Variant 2 - Perkins
Color Variant 3 - The Hotel
Color Variant 4 - The O
Color Variant 5 - Old Western
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